LeBron James deserves first NBA title

After discussing with various people, it seems the general consensus–other than for Miami Heat fans–is LeBron James deserves to win his first NBA title; he just doesn’t deserve to win it this year. The over-the-top show LeBron put on earlier this season when facing the decision to stay at Cleveland or join Dwayne Wade in Miami created some animosity towards LeBron. And who’s to blame them? LeBron seemed almost arrogant when deciding to air an hour long special on ESPN that would announce where he would end up. It wasn’t really a surprise that LeBron left Cleveland and headed to Miami. Miami had won an NBA title since Wade joined them in 2003-04. LeBron never won a title with the Cavaliers, although he did lead them to the NBA playoffs every year between 2005 and 2010, including a trip to the NBA Finals in 2007.

LeBron’s move to Miami crushed Cleveland fans. The hometown hero was moving on, and rightfully so. LeBron proved he was a dominant force averaging over 20 points per game since joining the league in 2003. Currently, LeBron is ranked No. 5 in the NBA for points per game, No. 8 in field goal percentage, and No. 1 in total rebounds, assists, steals and points. The only thing that LeBron was missing in Cleveland was a real supporting cast, which is why he ended up making that move to Miami. With Wade and Chris Bosh, LeBron would have two other stars to rely on and less pressure to be the only leader and star for his team.

Yes, his move was selfish. Yes, the big hoop-lah surrounding his decision looked arrogant and conceited. Yes, the unveiling of the big three in Heat jerseys was over-the-top and showy. But that doesn’t mean LeBron shouldn’t win his first title during his first year with the Heat. He’s played like a champion since being drafted into the NBA, so isn’t it about time he was one? Nothing should determine whether or not he deserves a ring except for his level of play. The Heat have defeated defending Eastern Conference Champions, the Celtics, and the league’s most winning team, the Bulls. LeBron is averaging 26 points per game, 8.9 rebounds per game and 5.5 assists per game. He ended games against the Celtics making clutch three pointers and steals for fast break points. He dominates the court on offense and defense. Shouldn’t that be enough to win a title? I think so.

So for all of those who think LeBron’s disloyalty and selfish behavior should prevent him from deserving his first ring, watch how he plays in the upcoming NBA Finals later this week. And after he dominates the whole series (which we know he will) then tell me he doesn’t deserve that ring.


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