Manning to the Broncos, but where will Smith and Tebow end up?

Note from the editor: I usually try to refrain from inserting a personal bias into my blog posts. However, I’m allowing an exception because there are certain factors that could affect the fate of my 49ers. Most of this post is speculation based on my opinions. Enjoy!

Broncos fans breathed a sigh of relief today when superstar quarterback Peyton Manning decided to sign a three year, $95 $96 million deal with Denver. Manning was released from the Colts March 7 and spent the past 12 days shopping teams including Denver, San Francisco and Tennessee. Denver seems like a good fit for Manning in terms of having John Elway in the office and head coach John Fox on the field, but do the Broncos have the talent to back up Manning? And where will fan favorite Tim Tebow end up now that the Broncos have decided to release him?

The Niners made a last minute push for Manning, and Manning would have seemed right at home in San Francisco with the strong offensive presence of Frank Gore, Mario Manningham, Randy Moss and Vernon Davis. But much to the dismay of Niners fans, Manning did not choose San Francisco. So what does that mean for Niners fans? Unfortunately, Niners quarterback (and free agent) Alex Smith was not happy with the Niners push for Manning and met with the Miami Dolphins earlier today.

I’m a Niners fan, so naturally I’m interested to see where Smith will end up and what that will mean for the Niners next season. I would hate for the Niners to lose Smith because he helped lead the Niners to a NFC West Championship and their first playoff appearance since 2002. What Smith needs to realize is that the Niners made a push for Peyton Manning, one of the best quarterbacks in history and the only 4-time NFL MVP. It’s not something Smith should take personally, and I think he should swallow his pride and stay with the Niners, who have a stronger team than the Miami Dolphins.

If Smith decides to sign with another team, the Niners have a few options. The Broncos are releasing Tebow, and the Niners could pick him up. But there are rumors that  Tebow will visit with the Jacksonville Jaguars back in his home state of Florida. Although Tebow has shined at times in the NFL, I would rather see Tebow serve as a backup to a veteran quarterback who can teach Tebow better mechanics. Until then, I’d prefer he didn’t come to San Francisco.

The Niners could also bank on backup quarterbacks Scott Tolzien or Colin Kaepernick, who only played 20 snaps and attempted five passes during the 2011 regular season. But if anyone has proved he can help a quarterback develop it’s Niners head coach Jim Harbaugh. The Niners could also take first round pick in the NFL draft to draft a quarterback, but I wouldn’t even begin to wonder who the Niners would choose after Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III go at No. 1 and No. 2.

The best we Niners fans can hope for is that Alex Smith swallows his pride, doesn’t take the push for Manning personally and realizes that San Francisco is  the best fit for him.


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